Shailey & Katie: Design Moms Finding the Happy Balance as Work-from-home Entrepreneurs
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Two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood.
New mom Shailey Murphy (video production/ interior designer) joins veteran mom of three, Katie Day (photographer, graphic designer, improviser, comedy writer for a late night talk show.)

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    036: Parenting, Discipline and Training a Child's Heart

    Discipline can be fun! Well...not really. But talking about discipline can be fun...?! The girls discuss their parenting goals and some discipline tips that have worked for them. But don't worry, there's lots of jokes too and a brand new segment staring 6 year old Callie Day!!!

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    033: Get to work with Elise Blaha Cripe! Productivity & Work Life Balance

    Elise Blaha Cripe (Elise Gets Crafty, Get to Work Book) tells us about trading her day job for self-employment, quitting blogging for mental health, and finding that Work-Life-Balance. Plus detailed amazing Productivity tips and how to just GET TO WORK. Brought to you by: Blogging...wait...oh...this is uncomfortable.

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    032: Storytime: Love Stories! How we met our husbands, the first date, the proposal.

    The girls get personal for Valentine's Day! They reveal their (super gross) love stories as pure little child brides. (Grosssss.) And they discover they had the EXACT SAME response to their engagement proposals. (Spoiler: it wasn't "yes!") Brought to you by: Conversation Hearts! And another installment of Hot Texts From Our Husbands.

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    031: Katie Shelton: She's not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom

    Katie Shelton (singer in The Mixtapes 90s cover band, maker/blogger of insanely popular Skunkboy Creations) tells us her journey to self-employment, how to be a cool mom (not like a regular mom!) and her 16 years of marriage secrets! Brought to you by literal mixed tapes. And don't miss another installment of SURPISE KARAOKE: 90s style.

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    030: In a rut? Pull it Together!!! Tips for your style rut, weight rut, emotional rut!

    How to pull it together when you aren't feeling fresh, when you don't have the energy to get dressed for the day when working from home, and when you just have ALL THE THINGS, when your kid freaks out in public, when you have to be around a challenging person. Sponsored by DRY SHAMPOO and special segment, "Word at a time" story.

    Show Notes: Red Lipstick....just get some.

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    029: Storytime: The Awkward Middle School Years: first kisses, sleepovers, tips for "dating" in middle school

    The girls reminisce about their awkward middle school years. Brought to you by SLEEPOVERS. Katie tells about her first official kiss. Shailey talks about the (one!) time she got in BIG trouble. And don’t miss a brand new segment a the end called: How to Change in Gym Class (which is shockingly useful today!) This episode is rated “W” for a complete WASTE of your time. Middle School: Our memories were more fun when we didn’t explore them?

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    028: Level up your Self-care with Michelle Houghton! When bubble baths fail, it's time to dig a little deeper. Examine your Shoulds vs your Musts.

    When you feel like you have nothing left to give and you've already tried eating chocolate in a bubble bath, it might be time to dig deeper into "self-care" and revamp some things in your life! Painter/Counselor/Entrepreneur Michelle Houghton shows us how to Quit "shoulding" yourself to death and figure out your "musts" Sponsored by PLANTS! And!!! Michelle proves her improv knowledge by nailing our end segment "Yes. And"

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    027: Q&A Vol 3: Tips for Instagram: balancing posting personal posts vs business posts. The Self-Confidence Balance: loving yourself while desiring to improve. Home Design: Mixing Styles. Kids sharing rooms.

    The girls answer listeners questions! (At midnight during their podcast sleepover. Lookout!) Tips for Instagram: balancing posting personal posts vs business posts. The Self-Confidence Balance: loving yourself while desiring to improve. Home Design: Mixing Styles. Kids sharing rooms. Brought to you by: Self-Checkouts! And a brand new installment of Shailey's improv training, Improv 104: Party Quirks!

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